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Alison McQueen

Bach to Basics

08/03/14 10:00 AM

Sue Sobolewski and Eleonor Bindman delivered an entirely Bach-based program at The Old Stone House last Friday. Their performance and the sweet simplicity of the venue offered a totally refreshing experience.

Sue and Eleonor are formidable scholars in addition to their fierce work as talented pianists. They provided the audience with analyses and expositions of the works they performed; they took us through suites and partitas, and shared delightful tidbits of Bachian history.

There’s a story that when eminent biologist and author Lewis Thomas was asked what message he would choose to send from Earth into outer space in the Voyager spacecraft he answered,”I would send the complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach.” After a pause he added, “but that would be boasting.”


Check out this factoid! Bach sometimes signed his work using a musical cross. In German notation, when read on following  staves, this notes spells, B-A-C-H. Very cool!









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